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Boracay Properties for Sale & Philippine Beach Front Properties
Boracay Properties For Sale & Philippine Beach Front Properties

We are offering an opportunity to own a piece of tropical paradise in the premier vacation capital of the Philippines, Boracay island. Investors will have the capacity to earn substantial income in a growing industry and assurance of a vacation home in Boracay.

Air view of 382 units of Condotel in Boracay Island.






382 Fully Furnished condotel units with the following classification:
Unit Type
Equivalent Shares
Approximate Area (SQM)
T1 with loft
Ground Garden View
T2 with loft
Ground Pool view
33.5 to 34.5
2nd & 3rd Garden view
33.5 to 34.5
2nd & 3rd Pool view
3rd Pool view
50 to 70


  • Philippine and Foreign Nationals are eligible (residents or non-residents)
  • Investors will purchase Company stock share in Boracay Multiple Properties Developers Inc. One (1) share stock is equivalent to one (1) condotel unit.
  • Units are designed on a thirty (30) square meter (standard) or forty-five (45) square meter with loft equivalent to one (1) stock share.
  • Units are fully furnished with kitchen, TV and standard hotel amenities.
  • Investors have the option to reside in their units or enroll in condotel operations.


In order to give maximum benefit to investors, the privileges of owning a unit are:

  • 45-day Free stay at the resort for every year for Condotel enrolees (valid for one year and non-cumulative
  • Plus 7-day Free stay annualy at Club Ultima or any Crown Regency operated units nationwide.
  • The 45-day Free stay can be converted to Free stay privilege certificates at any of the Crown Regency hotel chain properties and other off-site facilities with no expiry period on a one to one room right value.
  • Investors could also exchange their Club Ultima 7-day Free stay privilege in any of the 2,900 Interval International affiliated hotels worldwide. Check the website:
  • The 45-day Free stay can also be used to get additional room nights with Interval International.
  • An additional one-time signing bonus of 45-day Free stay at any Club Ultima or Crown Regency operated hotels (except Boracay) for cash investors.
UNIT 1 Ground Garden view 51.5 sqm with loft
UNIT 2 Ground Pool view 59 sqm with lot

UNIT 3, 2nd Floor Garden view 33.5 to 34.5 sqm

Unit T4 2nd Floor Pool view 33.5 to 34.5 sqm
Unit T4A 3rd floor Pool view 41.4 sqm
100% cash
6.9 M
7.5 M
3.3. M
3.7 M
4.5 M
50% DP, 50% 12 months installment
7.0 M
7.6 M
3.4 M
3.8 M
4.6 M
40% DP, 60% 12 months installment
7.1 M
7.7 m
3.5 M
3.9 m
4.7 M
30% DP, 70% 12 months installment
7.2 M
7.8 M
3.6 M
4.0 M
4.8 M
20% DP, 80% 12 months installment
7.3 M
7.9 M
3.7 M
4.1 M
4.9 M
10% DP. 90% 12 months installment
7.4 M
8.0 M
3.8 M
4.2 M
5.0 M
No Down Payment, 12 months installment
7.5 M
8.1 M
3.9 M
4.3 M
5.1 M
10% DP, 90% 15 months installment
7.6 M
8.2 M
4.0 M
4.4 M
5.2 M
10% DP. 90% 18 months installment
7.7 M
8.3 M
4.1 M
4.5 M
5.3 M
10% DP, 90% 24 months installment
7.8 M
8.4 M
4.2 M
4.6 M
5.4 M
10% DP, 90% 30 months installment
7.9 M
8.5 M
4.3 M
4.7 M
5.5 M

PAYBACK: As an investor, your US $68,000 (Php3.3M) investment has a 45-day Free stay (with an option to sell or use) and a 320 day for enrolment in condotel operations. Let us compute the projected income based on the assumption for a $100 room rate per day and at different occupancy rates:

320 days, 80% occupancy
320 days, 70% occupancy
320 days, 60% occupancy
256 days X $100/day
224 days X $100/day
192 days X $100/day
Deduct approximate 50% management fee, taxes
Deduct approximate 50% management fee, taxes
Deduct approximate 50% management fee, taxes
$12,800/year Income
$11,200/year Income
$9,600/year Income
Php 620,800/year
Php 543,200/year
Php 465,600/year

In addition to the projected income, investors have their 45-day Free stay guaranteed benefit when they have the option to sell... 45-day annual Free stay is worth $4,500 (Php 218,250). Investors can easily sell their 45-day Free stay to travel agencies especially during the peak season. Projected Net Income $9,600 (Php 465,600) plus $4,500 (Php218,250). An investor gets an estimated total of $14,100 (Php 683,850 per year)

Unit T1 57.5 sqm

Unit T2 59.0sqm
Unit T3 33.5 sqm
Unit T4 34.5 sqm
Unit T4A 41.5 sqm
Special Unit 60 to 70 sqm
Project room rate/night
Pro-rata share

The bigger the investment, the higher the returns. Investors could look forward to a full return of investment while enjoying the good life in Boracay and the privileges and benefits of being a member of Club Ultima and in all of its off-site facilities through the Crown Regency Hotel Chain.

Existing Club Ultima members get a Php 300,000 discount from the existing price. Discount applies to only one (1) unit. Members with one (1) room night privilege must upgrade to seven (7) room night privilege to avail of the member's price. For non-members, price includes Club Ultima membership with 7 Free room nights with option to enroll with Interval International.

If hotel opens before payment is complete:

  • For 15 months installment scheme, 50% share of profit
  • For 18 months installment scheme, 40% share of profit
  • For 24 months installment scheme, 30% share of profit
  • For 30 months installment scheme, 20% share of profit


  1. Who will operate the condotel upon commercialization. A. Condotel will be managed by the Crown Regency Hotel Chain.
  2. How does the condotel operate? A. The condotel will generally operate like a resort hotel. Individual owners may use their condotel units for 45 days every year if their unit is enrolled under rental pooling. If the usage will exceed 45 days, they will have to pay the member's rate (30% discount from the regular rate). Owners who do not choose to enroll their units under condotel operations may use their units as vacation home or for residential purpose.
  3. If the unit owner decides not to enroll his unit under the condotel operations, will the unit owner be charged with association dues? A. Yes, the unit owner will be charged with monthly association dues which will be determined later by the operator.
  4. Are there association dues for unit owners who enrolled in the condotel operations? A. There are no association dues for units enrolled under condotel operations.
  5. What if the unit owner was not able to use the 45-day benefit. A. The 45-day benefit has an expiry of one year. The 45-day free stay can be converted to Free stay privilege certificates at any of the Crown Regency Hotel chain of properties and other off-site facilities with no expiry period on a one to one room night value. He can also enroll it at Interval International or sell it to his friends.
  6. Are repairs shouldered by the condotel operations? A. Only minor repairs shall be shouldered by the condotel operator.
  7. What is the minimum period of the condotel enrollment. A. Upon turn over of the unit, the unit owner may immediately enrol with the operator. The minimum period a unit can be enrolled is 3 years.
  8. How does the condotel operation differ from timeshares? A. In timeshare, you only exercise a right to use the property for a certain period of time. When you own a unit in Boracay Multiple Properties Developers Inc. (BMPDI), you own a share in the Company wherein your ownership of a share is evidenced by stock certificate that makes you a unit owner and a stockholder of BMPDI.


Boracay  is  located at the northwestern tip of Panay, this small island has become the number one tourist destination of the Philippines. The island, roughly shaped like a dumb-bell, is 7 km. long and the narrowest spot is nearly 1 km. wide. With approximately 6,000 inhabitants Boracay belongs to the municipality of Malay in Aklan province and consists of three communities locally called "barangay" Yapak in the north, Balabag in the center, and Manoc-Manoc in the south. The north and the south are hilly with elevations up to 100m above sea level, and is suited for extensive hiking trips. Numerous intertwining paths and trails may sometimes lead through tropical jungle and link the small villages of the island with each other. 

The best part of the island is its 4 km. White Beach, also called long beach by the locals which is the main attraction of the entire Boracay Island. It is situated at the west coast between the villages of Angol and Balabag, and some experienced travellers claim it to be the finest beach of all Asia. The water is shallow here, and its sand brighter and finer than most beaches in the archipelago. There are about 350 Boracay Islands beach resorts with 2000 rooms to suit virtually everyone's taste. There is accommodation of all types and price categories. Restaurants range from the native fastfood stalls to establishments that would satisfy even a gourmet. You can find beer joints as well as discos with amazing light and sound equipment. to make sure you have your Boracay hotel on the beach to maximize your enjoyment of Boracay beaches.


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