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Cebu Real Estate and Philippine Real Estate

For Crown Communities, the scenic terrain, the gentle hills and flatlands of the countryside are more than merely land. Crown Communities sees potential to develop this land and to offer HOUSE FOR SALE CEBU. Each carefully selected stretch of land is seen as a place with great potential - potential for people to live in, for neighborhoods to grow, for communities to thrive. Crown Communities envisions entire countryside to be lined with the kind of communities where every family has the ideal place to have a better way of life.

     One very potential development that takes on a unique character is LOMBARDI in Talisay City Cebu. Here, you're in a gentle sloping terrain with scenic views of the sea and the mountains and yet never get too far from Talisay City and Cebu City passing through the South Coastal Road. Crown Communities invites you to see the potential of this development from what it is today to what it will be in the future. Take time to visit the AZIENDA MILAN, AZIENDA VENEZIA, AZIENDA FIRENZE, and CRESTA DE MILAN and see how Crown Communities transformed idle land into a uniquely themed master planned communities, and now you have these crown jewels of development right in LOMBARDI, the "closest to the city" location of them all. At LOMBARDI, three designs of CEBU HOUSE FOR SALE will be made available for you.


CERES 147 Downhill


Floor Area:           147 sq.m.

Min.Lot Area:      180 sq.m.

Features:             4 BR  4 T&B

 P 4,070,313 for Lot area of 191 sqm

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DIANA  119  Uphill


Floor Area:         119 sq.m.

Min. Lot Area:    150 sq.m.

Features:            4 BR  3 T&B

P3,470,220 For a Lot Area of 180 sqm


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VESTA 119  Downhill


Floor Area:           119 sq.m.

Min.Lot Area:      150 sq.m.

Features:               4 BR  3 T&B

P 3,380,481 For Lot Area of 167 sqm

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Payment Options & Financing Scheme for HOUSE AND LOT IN CEBU

1) Spot Cash 10% Discount within 7 days from date of reservation

 2) Down Payment    20% Payable in 12 months no interest.  8% Discount for Spot      Down Payment .  Balance to Pay   Maximum of 10 years to pay at 19% interest per      annum or Bank Financing at 14% interest per annum.

3)  2 Years to pay No Down Payment No Interest Scheme


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