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Greenville Heights

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Consolacion lots for sale at Greenville Heights Cebu
Consolacion lots for sale at Greenville Heights Cebu


If you are looking for Consolacion Lots for Sale, Greenville Heights Cebu offers a delightful place to live.

Step into a place you can call home in the hillside valley of Consolacion, Cebu. Imagine freshness that's new everyday. Here, in the hillside of Greenville Heights, you can have your private estate in a sprawling 11.4 hectare land. Combining hints of Hispanic & Mediterranean Style residential estates and strong influences from Cebu's own heritage. Greenville Heights is rustic and yet enduring, cosmopolitan and yet laid back. Your haven is designed to follow your contemporary country lifestyle or you can switch to your cosmopolitan city hat at your convenience.

consolacion lots for sale
greenville heights cebu swimming

Actual shot of the swimming pool

Our Spanish style Mediterranean influenced community shall transform your heart to yesterday's relaxed atmosphere specially when set amidst the mountain views. Certainly a treasure to aspire for and a well deserved investment in a lifestyle.
consolacion lots for sale at greenville

Grand Entrance

Our ears are close to your heart that's why we develop Residential or Leisure Estates that you dream of. Greenville Heights is conceptualized to maximize the natural terrain and make the community evolve around nature's gift.


An Active Family in an Active Community

Sta. Lucia Realty & Development Corporation is one of the most stable property development companies in the Philippines. Your developer was awarded the CREBA "Developer of the Year Award in 2003". And thus, we bring to you a world-class experience to make Greenville Heights the home you and your family will cherish.


A Place refreshingly near ... everywhere

Greenville Heights brings you to a new era of suburban living. You are close to the city and yet sweetly secluded in your sanctuary from the noise of urban living. We invite you to plant the seed into the next cosmopolitan suburb that's 15 minutes from Cebu City. Cebu City is today's gateway to business, trading, education, leisure, and landmark government institutions. So, whatever you need, you can take a short trip to the center of the city. Greenville Heights is refreshingly near everywhere you need to be.

Features & Facilities

* Complete electrical and centralized water facilities
* Centralized water system
* Concrete curbs, roads and gutters
* Underground storm drainage system
* Underground sewer line
* 24-hour access to public transportation



* Covered basketball court
* Swimming pool
* Multi-purpose clubhouse
* Tennis Court
* Shade trees along the roads
* Landscaped park and grilleries
* Fully landscaped entrance gate
* Guardhouse
* Mercury lamps along the roads


A Community Designed with you in mind

Straddle the pathways that have been created for your scenic and daily brisk walks. Set your sights on the home that warms up to you. Greenville Heights will surely captivate your heart.

Actual Shot of the Clubhouse

* Lot sizes range from 120 sqm to 200 sqm
* Price: P4,000 per square meter
* For Corner Lots: Add P200/square meter
* Down Payment: 20%
* Balance of 80% payable in 2 years no interest
* Option: 15% down payment, 85% balance payable in 5 years at 18% interest per annum or 10 years at 21% interest per annum

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Unit 4, Ground Floor, Geson Building, D. Jakosalem Street, Cebu City 6000, Cebu, Philippines.