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One Edison Place

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New Houses for Sale in Cebu City at ONE EDISON PLACE, Lahug
New Houses for Sale in Cebu City at ONE EDISON PLACE, Lahug
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Living in One Edison Place is actually living IN the city.
One Edison Place is situated in Lahug, a highly accessible place in Cebu. It is one of the city’s prime locations for business, school, and entertainment. Lahug is flat, compact, and an area of limited geography that you could actually walk to where you want to go. Now, that’s living IN the city!
Straight down the restaurant laden Salinas Drive are SM City Cebu and the Port Area. Making a left to Banilad and a right to Ayala Center Cebu from the Banilad Flyover will lead to schools, offices, entertainment centers, hospitals, and churches. Knowing that One Edison Place is never far from anywhere you want to go, you don’t have to worry about the time it takes you to go anywhere and back home.

New Houses for Sale in Cebu City at ONE EDISON PLACE, Lahug. It is a secure 14-unit residential townhome enclave developed for the urbanite. There is also the luxury of owning your very own garden area and balcony.
Each unit is constructed using top-grade materials to give interiors a functional yet elegant finish. Main floors are graced with Spanish ceramic tiles and painted mouldings. Elegant German-made laminated floor tiles accentuate bedrooms. French moulding and baseboard garnish the walls for a rich interior finish. Doors and interiors are made of quality wood protected from serious permanent damage due to termites, woodborers, and fungal decay. Incombustible and fully fire resistant roof tiles complete the durability of the house.

This closely-knit community is highly guarded with a concrete perimeter fence, and a 24-hour security system. So you always have the peace of mind living inside a safe and secure environment. To ensure that your investment will never be at risk, state-of-the-art and scientific Termite Colony Elimination System called Sentricon is applied to each unit.

Only a select few families can enjoy the pleasure of living in 14 spacious and comfortable first-class homes. This exclusive residential community is a perfect place where you can build lasting friendships and new connections. Here, you are living with individuals whom you share the same passion for life, the same interests and values.

One Edison Place is more than just a wise investment; it’s a symbol of style, prestige, and success.

Price: Approximately 9.1 Million

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Financing Scheme:

- With 5% discount from the Total Contract Price

- Equal installment in 12 months
- 30% outright downpayment, 16 monthly installments for the balance
- 5% discount on the 30% outright downpayment, 10 months installment for the balance

- 30% outright downpayment
- 70% to be paid by the bank

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Unit 4, Ground Floor, Geson Building, D. Jakosalem Street, Cebu City 6000, Cebu, Philippines.