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Mahogany Place

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A piece of Cebu City Real Estate at Mahogany Place in Maria Luisa Banilad, a new House and Lot for Sale in Cebu
A piece of Cebu City Real Estate at Mahogany Place



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Introducing a new development in CEBU CITY REAL ESTATE Mahogany Place, a Maria Luisa Estate Development, Banilad, Cebu City Philippines. A piece of Cebu City Real Estate at Mahogany Place featuring a new House and lot for Sale in Cebu

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Master's Bedroom


Sceneries in Maria Luisa Estate Park






Cebu City Real Estate, Mahogany Place Phase 10 Paseo Esperanza Maria Luisa Home is one of the Cebu City properties with a lifestyle that is without equal. A limited offering of private residences are available for ownership within Maria Luisa Estate Park. Situated along a Mahogany tree-lined road and nestled in a lush and breezy valley, you won't find a more coveted address. If you are interested in buying houses in Cebu City Philippines, buying a luxurious house at Mahogany Place will truly be the way to live. Imagine living in the prestigious Maria Luisa Estate Park, enjoying the lifestyle of a premier subdivision and the convenient location of being at the doorstep of Cebu City. Add the benefits of owning a first class home, designed and built with its new owners in mind. This is truly the best of both worlds. Style of Cebu Properties in Mahogany Place: Residences in Mahogany Place are designed using Mediterranean architectural influences. Floor plans were created for maximum efficiency and with sensitivity to the surrounding gardens. The homes are designed to provide the homeowners with the flexibility to modify depending on their lifestyles. From 3 to 5 bedrooms, from young families to retiree couples, these homes will cater to every lifestyle. Floor areas range from 225 to 360 square meters and lot sizes vary from 466 to 540 square meters. The typical lot size is 520 square meters. Key features of the house are two-storey floor plans, 3.5 to 5.5 baths, large 2 car garage including special areas such as Grand Master Suite, a private courtyard, a gracious lanai, a wide staircase, and en suite bathrooms in every bedroom.
THE AMENITIES :Mahogany Place have access on the amenities of Maria Luisa Estate Park Landscaped parks with picnic grounds jogging trails The Highland Park & Clubhouse The Emerald Lake Valley Basketball and tennis court facilities THREE children's playground Uninterrupted water and electric utilities 24 HOUR SECURITY
THE WINDOWS Kommerling windows is the no. 1 supplier of PVC-U profiles in Europe and Asia. The Company was founded in Germany in 1897. Kenneth and Mock is the Philippines partner and provides a 10 years warranty on all their products. They use Roto Frank AG German hardware, which is one of the leading suppliers of quality hardware in Europe. Advantages of Kenneth & Mock windows: Structural and Mechanical performance. The material compounds of the windows performs worldwide standards for strength, durability, heat stability, color retention and termite resistance. Maximum wind resistance - perfect for houses exposed to strong wind, salty air or heavy rain. Maximum water tightness - It has been used successfully in swimming pools, marine and ocean environments without detriment to surface finish performance


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Fishing Lake

High Lands Park clubhouse

MAHOGANY PLACE in CEBU CITY REAL ESTATE is designed for tropical climate. It is one of the Cebu Properties you will surely be proud to own.
Fire resistance - It does not support combustion and are in fact self extinguishing. The special profile compound possesses a fire retardant rating according to DIN 4102.
Efficient thermal insulation - exceptionally good thermal insulation, fulfilling the highest demands of the International standards.
High Acoustic insulation: Protection against burglary - High strength window and door profiles offer the best solution for increased safety. Special fittings and glazing, qualified window fabrication and expert installation make the window worth of being termed "burglarproof"
Environmentally friendly Long-life and maintenance free - Kommerling doors and windows do not involve any future maintenance costs and it practically last forever. It does not require regular repainting and expensive maintenance. They do no rot or corrode in tropical and salty coastal climates.
*Window screens not provided for but are available as an upgrade. Provision for screen already part of the windows.
The MP home has 2 kitchen designs: a closed kitchen or an open plan kitchen. The kitchens shall be supplied by SIEMATIC, Germany. This Company has been building top quality kitchens as early as 1929 and nothing else. Siematic guarantees the exclusive use of high-quality materials, workmanship of the greatest precision, and stringent control procedures that are conducted more consistently than stipulated in the standards. Mahogany Place kitchens shall be outfitted with Siematic cabinets in the SC10 Magnolia white, textured and SCII Cherry Wood matt laminate finish. Doors are directly applied laminate on triple layer furniture board with ABS edging on all sides, 19mm thick.
THE BATHROOMS The MP bathrooms (with the exclusion of the servants bathrooms) shall be fitted with Kohler brand toilets, tubs, lavatories (sinks) and fixtures. Kohler lavatories (sinks) are made from quality material that is exceptionally durable. The finish of KOHLER lavatories resists staining, scratching, and chipping to maintain its lustrous sheen for hears of beauty. They also offer a smooth, easy to clean surface. KOHLER toilets have the advantages of Powerful flush, clean and hygienic.
THE TILES Most of the tiles in the house shall be producred from Spain or Italy. Class A tiles will be used.
THE ROOF Vazcom Tegula Roofing material are concrete roof tiles. Its egg shaped corrugation makes Tegula tough and attain the highest flexload rating. Tested to withstand earthquakes, volcanic ashfall and even bullets. Interlocking system protects the roof against strong typhoon winds. Rustfree - Won't rust, never needs replacing - a roof for a lifetime. Noise free - absorbs noise, particularly that of heavy rainfall. Fireproof - Being concrete, it has a high fire resistance. Cool - cuts down air-conditioning costs due to its enormous insulating capacity.

THE HARDWARELafele (German) hardware for doors, hinges and closets. Roto Frank AG (Germany) hardware for windows.


House No.

Lot Area (SQM)

No. of Bedrooms Floor Area (Square meters))

Floor Area (Square feet)

Total Price
7 460 3 260 2.799 15,400,367
12 512 3 320 3,444 18,018,090
16 524 3 225 2,422 14,948,683
    3 320 3,444 18,992,129
    4 343 3,692 19,466,440
    5 360 3,875 20,156,348
18 509 3 320 3,444 18,206,857
  509 4 330 3,552 18,426,886
20 540 3 225 2,422 14,944,744
    3 320 3,444 18,993,917
    4 343 3,692 19,464,289
    5 360 3,875 20,148,467

Down Payment: 30% of the total price. Balance of 70% through bank financing.

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Unit 4, Ground Floor, Geson Building, D. Jakosalem Street, Cebu City 6000, Cebu, Philippines.